The defile „La castel” – the land of the legends

The defile from landscape reserve „La castel” is a beaty of nature, a open book of the nature of the time. The view of the defile above the valley of river Racovăț, near of the village Gordinești seemed very impressed.


Villagers have composed many legends and songs dedicated to Racovăț and reserve „At Castle”. Even the name „La castel” is related to a story of love and a castle who disappeared in the mists of time.

Instead of the castle and of the hot love remained to stand over the centuries huge cliffs and stone walls which borrowed from old times the form of the medieval castles or of dacian fortresses.

The legend say that one of the inaccessible cliffs, once upon a time raise a castle, where lived a beautifull young lady, which was kidnapd and hided here by her boyfriend, because parents oposed to their marriage.

2Returning for hunting, the happy group of friends climbed to the castle on path steep. But attempts were in vain. At half of the way, in one roomy cave a feast was waitting for them: tables laden with delicious food and wines. After eating, intoxicated by liquor wine the young people could not climb to the castle. As time went on, the tourns of the castle melted. But the surrounding places, the path that leads to the castle, picturesque thickets of Răcovăţ still kept mysterious name „La castel”.

The left side of the defile is higher than right, it can be seen even in all forestry, which is enough long (more than 1 km), but and the long valley of the river and the depth of the defile impress in particular – it is about 100 meters. The forest is very beatifull and some sides of the slope which is steep and rocky, meanwhile the left slope is higher and smoother.

From this place we can see the entire string toltres from near meander suddenly of River Racovăț, making a monument of nature having a charming and unforgettable.3

Beside, on this plant opens a wonderful view to the village Gordineşti and can be seen closer of the white cretaceous rock, which is standing lonely near the forest area and the natives call it „dragon’s teeth”.


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