Park Dendrariu from Chisinau

I think that the park Dendrariu is the best park in the city. So, I present to you some information about this park.


If you will come in Chisinau, this park should be the first place to visit.

A video about the Dendraiu you can see here. The song is write by our composer Eugen Doga, My sweet and teander beast.


nunta.mdThe brook Durlesti.


Dendrariu was founded in 1973 on the former Botanical Gardens of the Academy of Sciences. At first it had an area of 73 hectares, now it has now been extended up to 83 hectares. It is located in the west of Chisinau, on valley of the brook Durleşti, between the streets Ion Creanga, Vasile Lupu, Eugen Coca and Alexei Şciusev. The architectural style and planning of the Dendrariu is one of the landscape with elements insignificant. At Dendrariu are presented more than a thousand types and forms of woody plants.


There are sectors with elements of forest vegetation in Moldova. It is rich collection of seeds of vegetables, oilseeds, rosacea etc. Conifer collection includes more than 50 names from different floristic regions of the globe. In the base of collection of Dendrariu is studying, is selecting and breed new species. Is one of the scientific centers and the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of botany, creation of green spaces and nature protection. At Dendrariu have been seminars, field trips, for specialists of green spaces, nature lovers etc. Dendrarium is a park with a regime specific attendance, it is a place of public entertainment. It is taken under state protection as a monument of architecture configuration – landscape.


Here is always quiet, no urban noise is heard in the park. The brook Durlesti is magic with some bridges thrown over him.


More photos you can see here and here.

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