The park from Milești,  district Nisporeni

The famous park from Milești has the chance to be restored to the appearance of the times when it was flowering and well arranged. The statement belongs to the mayor Radu Vîrlan after a meeting with a representative of „Moldsilva”, which has also communicated this intention Agency.


„We are at the initial stage of discussions with the Agency „Moldsilva” which intends to finance the project of rehabilitation of the park”, specified mayor.

For starters, the city hall wants to collect many old documents, including photographs or paintings, with which it would be possible to restore the original appearance of the park. Then, the forestry experts and scientists will enter in the role who will effectuate a  thorough assessment of the park: how it was and how it is.

2 on othe alley from the park
One of the alley

„Only after that it could start the restoration work”, said Radu Vîrlan. He expressed the hope that grace of this project, would be restore and the landlord mansion Constantin Cazimir, builded in the second part of the century XIX. Since then dates ant the park, whichi had appeared at the initiative for the landowner.

In the middle of the park

The park is not very large, distinguished by its picturesque, especially the richness dendrologic. Mileşti village is at 25 km from the district center Nisporeni and at 4 km from the village Bălăbăneşti, the highest point of Moldova  (429,5 m) and about 7 km from the place where the river Bic is flowing. Mileşti it is an old Moldovan village, first time mentioned in historical documents dating in 1442. It belonged to the family Casimir.

One alley in the park

In the second half of the century XIX, landowner Constantin Cazimir planted the park and the orchard. The building of the manor abuts the park. Today, in this building there are two museums – Museum of History and Ethnography and Museum Village Mileşti.

Among the rare and exotic species of trees and shrubs that grow in the park we can call the following types and forms: Engelmann spruce, yew, pine, bitter orange, duplicate trees Ginkgo Bilbao – a male and a female, a red oakwith height of 17 m, etc.

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Seating at the foot of the giant oak park Mileşti

The atmosphere of the park influences positively and the walk on the alleys and its pretty path made us great pleasure. The park is is enclosed only to the top, in the part of the building of the manor, but lower border serves one of the village streets. The park from Mileşti looks a little untidy, but in the park reigns cleanliness.

The park is a monument of landscape architecture and protected by the state and it is a part of the Reserve „Cazimir-Milești”.

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