Ungheni city in photos

We present to you some photos of city Ungheni, from  Republic of Moldova.

Ungheni (Romanian pronunciation: [uŋˈɡenʲ]), with a population of 35,157, is the seventh largest town in Moldova and the seat of Ungheni District since 2003.

There is a bridge across the Prut and a border checkpoint to Romania. There is another border town with the same name in Romania (Ungheni, Iași), on the other side of the Prut River.
The first historical mention of Ungheni dates to 20 August 1462. A railway between Ungheni and Chişinău was built in 1875 by Russia in preparation for the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878). After WWII, the rail route through Ungheni became the main connection between the USSR and Romania.
In 1876 after the spring flooding of the river Prut the railway bridge that linked Moldova and Romania was almost destroyed. Railway Department invited Gustave Eiffel in Bessarabia (Moldova) to redesign and rebuild the bridge. Nowadays it is still a strategic structure under the supervision of the frontier guard.

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