Easter in Moldova in year 2016

Moldova is celebrating the Easter like other countries: orthodox or catholic. This holiday is a religious one and the Moldovans celebrate it with a lot of pomposity with family, relatives and friends. If the whether is good and you fave a forest near of your village ori city, you can take a walk in forest doing barbecues. In general speaking, the summer is the time when the Moldovans spend a lot of time in open air: walking in the park or doing barbecues.

Back to Easter.

In this year, 2016, Easter in Moldova is on 1 May and take 3 days. How we celebrate?

Households are cleaning their houses to look nice because the use to invite relatives and friends. Housewives prepare the food. There are some specialties of food in Moldova: egg decoration in red, cakes (but we tell its cozonaci and pasca), pies with cheese and jam (we tell them plăcinte). Also, very importan for the holiday table is the lamb prepared spacial for this holiday. The sacrifice of the paschal lamb is created by God out of the Jews from Egyptian slavery, when was born a chosen people to live in freedom.

One step important is the service from the church. Men and women, and children go to the church and wait for the holy light and the priest sanctify the red eggs and the pasca (a kind of cake fiiled with cheese.

Here, you can see our traditional food at this holiday: red egg, cakes (placinte and pasca), lamb etc. Also we have different salads, sarmale and other traditional food from meet. The wine red and white is our traditional drink at the holidays. In the morning we use to wash ourselves with water and red eggs.

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If you are interested to travel in Moldova to see how we celebrate this holiday, I can help you.Just let a comment.

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