Agropensiunea Butuceni

Butuceni Eco Resort is located in a picturesque place that fascinates with its beauty. It is a rocky area with endless green areas on the river Raut. Butuceni village is located 47 km from Chisinau and 18 Km from Orhei.


Guests can take part in master classes which are held weekly with our cookers where they can learn how to prepare cabbage rolls, pies, cakes and many other Moldovan genuine traditional dishes. Here you can taste the fruits and vegetables which are grown in the orchard of Eco Resort Butuceni.

Also our house-farm with a large variety of animals will live you with bright impressions. From here you can start an interesting trip on the main road of the village with oxen or horse-drawn carriage and feel yourself free to enjoy the landscapes of Butuceni.

Eco Resort Butuceni rightfully owns 3 *** stars, because only here blends tradition with modernity so subtle that it is possible to lose the notion of time.

Details about Eco Resort Butuceni you can see their site.

Butuceni Eco Resort is near Old Orhei. The Old Orhei (in romanian Orheiul Vechi) Archaeological Landscape is located in central-eastern part of Moldova and lies along the gorge of the lower course of the Răut River, 14 km upstream from the confluence of the Răut and the Dniester Rivers. This is an extremely strategic position. The Răut links it with most of central and northern Moldova, while the Dniester is the most important trade route between northeast Carpathians and the Black Sea Basin. Administratively, the Landscape comprises the territory of the Trebujeni and Butuceni villages, belonging to the Trebujeni commune of Orhei district. At the same time, the unusual and severe terrain around the Landscape render it perhaps the most naturally defensible in the region.