„La Hanul lui Vasile” Tourist Boarding House

I recomend to you a tourist boarding house, „La hanul lui Vasile” near Chisinau, capital of Moldova.

A perfect choice of accommodation for business people, tourists in transit, or people who want to experience our country’s cuisine and traditions.

Here, in an oasis of greenery and freshness located just a few miles from the capital, you’ll be able to unwind from the bustle of the city and feel at ease while removing any unnecessary burdens from your shoulders. Our staff will ensure to make your stay as relaxing and carefree as possible, as you take the time out from official duties to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The hotel rooms offer a view of the lake from the yard, where swans and ducks share space among many flowery islands. Your breakfast, lunch or dinner may be conveniently enjoyed on lakeside pavilions, which also have Wi-Fi connectivity for your business needs.

Tel +373 (22) 387985
+373 (22) 387977
Gsm +373 069173730

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Site – http://www.hanulluivasile.md