Chisinau – the capital of Moldova

Chisinau is a major administrative, economic, scientific, political, cultural center of the Republic of Moldova. The city includes ten suburbs (Ialoveni, Durlești, Stăuceni, Băcioi, Cricova, Vadul lui Vodă, Sîngera, Grătiești, Colonița, Vatra). The first documentary mentioning is dated on 17 July 1436. Scientist assume the city name would bu „chute”, „spring”, „dwelling”, „monastery”. Which interpretation is correct, it is hard to say today. It is known that there have been more human hearths tho millennia ago. The city is located on seven hills and covers an area of over 160 square kilometers.

Grand hall of the city

Administratively, Chișinău is divided into five sectors: Center, Botanica, Rîșcani, Ciocana and Buiucani. In Chișinău have been opened embassies and representative offices of many foreign states. It also enable the international institutions and organizations. Chișinău is connected with many countries of the world by the roads, airline routes and railway network.

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