National tourist route Chisinau – Ivancea – Branești – Trebujeni – Butuceni – Chisinau

The theme of the route is culture, history, archeology.

Duration of the route is 130 km  round-trip. With the car, the trip can take 40-45 minutes, but with the bus – one hour. Here you can know the multiple cultures which had developed during the millennia, familiarizing with the habitat of the people, with the traditions of the villages Butuceni and Trebujeni, customs and cultural values of the moldovan people.

In village Ivancea you can see the park Balioz, mansion of the Balioz family, the church „Sfinta Treime”, workshops of craftsmen.

In village Branești you can see wineries vineyards S.A. „Pivnițele Brănești”, the church „Sfinta Maria”.

In villages Trebujeni, Butuceni you can see ruins of citadel geto-dacian, remains of waves of defence, the ruins of medieval citadel Orhei, Eastern city „Sehr al-Cedid”, Tatars baths, the complex archeolgy museum Old Orhei, cave monastery from Butuceni, the church Nasterea Maicii Domnului and visit of some board and lodging agroturistics.


Sourse: Traseu turistic național nr. 1. În: Platon, Nicolae. Ghidul traseelor turistice a Republicii Moldova. Chișinău : S.n., 2014, pp. 15-16.

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