Village Ivancea from Orhei

Village Ivancea was mentionad documentary in the year 1501 and is situated al 15 km from city Orhei and at 40 km from Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova.

The park from Ivancea was founded in 1880 and is situated near of mansion of Carabet Artilovici Balioz, former administrator of winery of Manuc Bei from Hincesti. The territory of aproximately of 7 ha, which was located a house of wood, was bought in 1840 by armenian Carabet Balioz from a local boyar. Balioz was part of a comunity of armenian, who came on moldovian land at the invitation of the famous armenian Manuc Bei. Balioz was a good householder and began the construction of the masion in 1851 and was built in 21 years. Unfortunaly, Balioz died before  to succid to live in this superb edifice. However, his descendants and Ana Balioz Popov tokk care of this place. The park housed rare plants brouth from diferent parts of the world: Siberian cedar, Çimşir Crimean (Buxus sempervirens L.) and „Ghinco biloba”. The last has 130 years, being considerated the tree of love, life an brave.


The base of botanical colection of the park consist of species of rare coniferous tree, among the highest trees and pines from Moldova. The park from Ivancea is monument of arhitecture landscaping of Moldova. Here, you can see storage of grain, mill, water tower but iron enclosure around the mansion was brought from France and manufactured by craftsmen from Odessa.

Also, here activated until recently Museum of Craftsmen, where was exposed real objects, made by moldovan craftsmen in sec. XIX-XX: pottery, polished stone objects, leather, straw, various models of carpets, old embroideries.

Source: Satul Ivancea. In: Platon, Nicolae. Ghidul traseelor turistice ale Republicii Moldova. Chisinau, S.n., 2014, p. 17.

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