Village Branesti from Orhei

The village Branesti is situated at 18 km from city Orhei and at 44 km from Chisinau.


The first documentary was in 10 february 1429 when the reign Alexandru the Good present to his wife Marena the monastery Capriana, the villages Branesti, Sendreni, Pirjolteni.  At the 7 August,, 1617 Leon Donici, at the order of the king choose the boundary  of Mestate Mascauti, with old witnesses from villages Izbiște and Branesti. At the 28 July 1724, the king Mihai Racoviță, determinating the board of the fair, remind of Branesti. In 1803 this estate belong to Matei Donici, and in 1821 he had transmited in legacy to his son, Constantin.

For all that, the village is older. Archaeological diggind made in the area prove that here was an intense human activity with thousand year back. Nowadays, in the village is developed the industry of rock extraction and the produce of wine. In the years, the villagers made slave through popular art – to carve in rock.

In this village, Branesti, you can see the architecture in rock from the area of Orheiul Vechi, appeared here but extended in other areas.

The skill hands of the masters gave life of the rocks embellishments the house of the villagers and the villages from the area, building columns decorative, pylons at the gates, crucifixions and so on.

The cuarry from Branesti was transformed in a small underground town wine-making, with big cellar  of keeping wine, food and mushroom.

piv.JPGThe winery from Branesti are situated in a beautiful area of the wood, in a part of Orheiul Vechi, at a distance of 58 km and at a depth of 60 m underground and a surface of 75 ha. The winery S.A. „Pivnițele din Branesti” produces blank and red wine, dry and semi-dry wines: Cabernet, Pinor Franc, Merlot, Aligote, Sauvignon, Feteasca, Chardonnay etc.The winery has 2 halls with tasting of wine with an impressive architecture. Also, here, you can  eat  traditional food: zeama or placinte prepare with the skills of chiefs.

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