The Roman Catholic Church from Orhei

In Orhei is a century-old religious house with unique architecture in Moldova namely Roman Catholic church dedicated to „Adormirea Maicii Domnului”.

This can be found on the street Vasile Mahu, near the building „Moldtelecom” and is in1.jpg contrast with the other buildings in the city. Stately, enigmatic and attractive, especially when the organ is heard from inside. And if a church is a natural thing for Paris, Berlin or London, then to Orhei really it is something special, like we reached a street in a Western town and not Bessarabian.

The beginning of construction of this place was in 1907 and a century ago it was consecrated. Polish Cezarina principal founder was Dolivo Dobrovoliski, the wife of a Russian military that he raised an Orthodox church in the village Braviceni (wives were buried separately in the churches they founded – N.A.). The building is adorned with Gothic elements like Western European cathedrals and was built at the wish of communities Germans, Poles and Lithuanians settled in Orhei.

In Soviet times the church was partially destroyed the ballroom for years, then deposit, which was renovated only in 2008. Among the architectural details and stained glass are what draw attention, especially since they have not painted the characters face. So Orhei Roman Catholic Church is undoubtedly an architectural masterpiece that deserves to be admired by anyone, regardless of religious denomination.

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