Plaiul fagului (land of beeces) natural reservation

The Plaiul Fagului (Land of Beeches) Natural Reservation is located northwest of Chisinau 1near Ungheni. It was established in 1992 on the territory of a former hunting reserve, Radenii Vechi. The reserve covers an area of 5,642 ha, the majority of which is forested; beech, oak, ash, hornbeam and English oak trees predominate. It is rich in flora and fauna, with more than 900 plant species, 40 species of animals, including deer, 140 bird species, and more. The reserve is picturesque and part of the greater Codru forest ecosystem. It contains narrow summits with deep valleys, steep slopes, and clear spring waters feed streams that flow into the Bic River. The reserve is situated on some of the highest ground in the country, nearby Balanesti hill (480 m), Moldova’s highest point.

Location: Radenii Vechi village, Ungheni,  75 km distance to Chisinau
Accessibility: Access is grated by reserve administration
Contact: Tel: (+373 236) 95 535 / 93 571

Flora include 909 include 909 species, including 645 species of vascular plants, 152 species of mushrooms, 48 of species lichens, 65 of species of moss.


At the present in the reserve are recorded 42 of species of mammals, approximately 140 of specieis of birds, 7 of species of reptiles, 8 of species amphibia. The fauna of the natural reservation Radenii Vechi has nobel deer, deer-with-spots and fallow deer.

Plaiul fagului (land of beeces) natural reservation is an picturesque natural landscape, a precious treasure of Moldova. Reserve territory is partly accessible for ecotourism. This complex natural ecosystems, biodiversity sanctuary is an object of research, unlaborator outdoors.


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