A walk through the yard of manor Manuc Bei from Hinceshti

The road who leade to entrance in Hinceshti forebode a warm and pleasant stay in the little town which in the Middle Ages was considerated a gate of Europe in which has passed the unique easy of access commercial way between asian countries and european countries.  That´s why the little town was a point of attraction for the biggest merchant of the time, including Manuc Bei, those which in 1815 bought estate, where later his successor built the famous manor Manuc Bei, which today make part of a complex sculptural unique, named  „a visit card of Moldova”.


During of the time, the little fair Hinceshti was constituited an important commercial locality of moldavian state, being something intermediate between village and city, with a khan for the strangers merchants, which they ate and slept.

After the russian-turk war from 1806-1812, Manuc Bei Mîrzaian, a remarcable personality of Turkey, for the services offered russians in talks with Turkey, has obtained the permission of Russian czar to establish with living in one  of the beautifull locality of Bessarabia. He bought from princess Dolgorughi the manor and the palace which belonged and established with the family in Hinceshti.

Although the manor of today carry his name, those was not built by Manuc Bei himself, like it says, he dying in short time after the buying of manor from Hincheshtu, but was built by his successors, his son Murat, which started the building of the manor and his nephew, Grigore, which ended all the respective works.

Manuc 2.jpg

After a hard history in which the complex .ear earthquake, but and other trials of being restaurated, in 1993, the manor obtaines the statute of monument of architecture. In 2013 is a point of start for the restauration of the monument, due of a contract of grant between the Authority of Management of the Operational Programme Rumania-Moldova-Ucraina 2007-2013 and District Council Hinceshti for the restoration of architectural complex. The project was implemented over the years 2014-2015. For the recosntruction was spent over two million euro.

In December 2015, the architectural complex was reopened for those who wanted to be among the first who can see what stage is reconstruction. So, thousands of people were able to see during the day, at what stage is the rehabilitation works, to discover hidden details of the complex.

Here is a video about manor Manuc Bei, but in romanian.

Source: O plimbare prin curtea unei perle arhitecturale moldovenești, conacul Manuc Bei http://diez.md/2016/02/11/video-o-plimbare-prin-curtea-unei-perle-arhitecturale-moldovenesti-conacul-manuc-bei-de-la-hancesti/