The cave „Emil Racoviță” the third as length between the caves of the world

One of the biggest cave in the world

The story of the cave „Emil Racoviță”, situated in the north of the Republic Moldova, became in time a legend. In one day of the year 1959 after an explosion at a pit gypsum quarry, situated at 3 km to the north of the village Criva, from the north Moldova in the wall of the gypsum opened a hole, from which erupted a river with such a debit that the nearest places have been flooded for seven weeks.


When the firsts explorers, throw the mud nor suspected that they are are at one of the biggest cave in the world, and the third cave of gypsum. It was weeks of studies, hard works, in which the passion and the presentiment of one of the biggest discovery fueled energy researchers and kept the curiosity alive. In time, they descovery labyrinth in 3-4 levels, the ones upper and lower remains and nowadays uncharted. Astfel, in 1970 it put a map the first 30 km and maded a first description of empty karst. The nature proved in the modeling of the huge halls, length over 100 metres and with the high of 10-15 meters.  The galleries, in the most of majority, have the walls covered with fine clay of different colors, in a totaly harmony with the shades of white, pink, red, black, brown or blue which cover the walls with the gypsum.

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The source of the text: Peștera „Emil Racoviță” a treia ca lungime între peșterile de ghips ale lumii. În: Moldova. Chișinău, 2016, mai-iunie, pp. 64-69.

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