Top 8 things to see in Moldova

Official, Republic of Moldova is one of the least visited country from Europe, being a kind of terra incognita of Europe of nowadays., which wait to be descovered.

Take a look 8 thing to see in Moldova (a short point of view of a newspaper from Moldova, Ziarul de gardă.

1. Wines and wine cellars

113-vinThe wine is the national simbol of our country, Republic of Moldova. In Moldova are over 112.000 of hectares of vineyards and here and over 100 varieties of grapes are grown: Albă (wine white), Feteasca Regală (wine white), Feteasca Neagră (wine red), Rara Neagră (wine red) and Viorica (wine white). The winery Mileştii Mici has two records Guinness – underground galleries from Mileştii Mici have a total length over 200 km, being the biggest basement from region. More than that, here are  stored approximately 1,5 milliones of bottles of wine, at a depth of 80 meters. The culmination of this cult is the National Wine Day, which records the habit of celebrating the end of grapes harvesting and producing new wine. National Wine Day takes place on the first weekend of October. The festival celebrates Moldavian rich wine-making traditions dating back to the 15th century.

2. Fantastic landscapes from Old Orhei (Orheiul Vechi)

The archeological park Old Orhei is one of the most spectacular places from Republic of Moldova. It represent a true landscape work, in which one people and nature created organic, forming a perfect picture of their millenary co-operation.

3. Monasteries

113-pesteraOld and newest monasteries are in our country. In Moldova are aproximatly 40 monasteries dug in the rocks, on the banks of the rivers Raut and Nistru. One of it is the Monasteries Orheiul Vechi from center of Moldova, which was excavated in a huge limestone cliff of twelve monks, still in the thirteenth century. Equally spectacular is the Saharna Monastery, surrounded by cliffs, at the foot of which there are noisy waterfalls.

 The monastery in the rock of Tâpova, built in the 6th century, and has its legends (one of them is that the voivode of Moldovan voivode Stephen the Great himself would have married Maria Voichita). Local residents say that a sun shade can be observed at sunset, which haunts the cells of the monastery.  It’s supposed to be Maria Voichița).

4. Traditional food

Mămăliga, zeama, sarmale and plăcinte are our traditional food. You need to taste our food to understand us.

5. Festivals

Republic of Moldova become  more and more known thanks to the festivals that will color your vacations.

The festival of classic music in open air „descOpera” (june) take place at the „Orheiul Vechi” and provides an ideal sound for the symphonic orchestra and opera vocals. During the festival are trained over 400 artists of National Opera and Ballet Theater „Maria Bieşu” and National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici” from Chişinău.

An other festival is Lavander Fest (june). A video you can see here.

The Festival „IA Mania” (jule) is an event where you can see our national port. A video about this festival you can see here.

The festival Gustar (august) is the biggest musical festival of the year. It take the place at the ORheiul Vechi. Some videos you can see here, here, here and here.

In differit zone and villages are a lot of festivals: Festival of Carroto, Festival of Apple, Festival of  Strawberry, Festival of Honey etc.

6. The cave „Emil Racoviţă”

The caves of Moldavia attract with their special charm not only the speleologists fascinated by these mysterious rooms in the nature laboratories but also tourists from all over the world who are interested in knowing more about the galleries and the inner specificity of the already famous caves. This cave was decovered random, while digging a mine for gypsum extraction. So far, 90 km of the cave has been studied, making it one of the largest caves in Europe (the other two can be seen in Ukraine). All the galerries are covered with layers of fine clay of different colors: green, blue, red, black, white. Each partition or lake has a name: Cinderella Hall, Column Hall, Penguin Hall, Lake of the Emperor, Blue Lake, Dinosaur Lake or Lake Nautilus,

7. Nature – the mistery of Moldova

In Moldova there is the greatest diversity of soils, and the highest quality chernozem. To see our nature you can visit our country in spring, summer and autumn.

8. Music

Besides the nature, wines, food and other aspects of our country, the music is very important for us. We have artists who manage to conquer the hearts of people around the world through their talent and music.

Let me tell you about Cleopatra who won a Guiness record. A song who knows an international succes is Ghiță and you can listen to here.

Do you remember O-Zon with Dragostea din tei?

Now Carla’s Dreams has a huge succes. You can listen the songs of Carla’s Dreams here.

Carla’s Dream

Also, I recomend you some folck artists: Zinaida Julea, Nicolae Glib, Ansamblul Joc, Ansamblul Lăutarii etc.

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