EcoRun Gold Dragon

On the 18-19th August 2017 will be the the Run Festival at Orheiul Vechi.


Located on geological structures over 13 million years, with traces of human habitation for more than 30 000 years, geto-dacian fortifications, caverns and traces of the towns of the Golden Horde and the of Moldavia, “Șehr al-Cedid” (New City) and Orheiul Vechi.

Follow the „Dragon Path” (Semimaraton) or the „Golden Horde” (Marathon), on the cliffs of millions of years, through places full of history and legends! Choose one of the marathon and semi-marathon races, through the Orheiul Vechi Reserve and the hills around the river Raut. The trail includes the Butuceni cave monastery, St. Mary’s Church, the „Millennial Amphitheater,” the vestiges of the Geto-Dacian citadel and sanctuary, the tatic baths, the palaclava palace, the medieval church and medieval citadel, stone dwelling, and the legendary Golden Dragon.

The EcoRun „Golden Dragon” race (Orheiul Vechi) is organized by the RunMoldova runner community in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Museum Complex Orheiul Vechi. This event will take place with the support of the general partner – Orhei Vit company and with the support of the Bon ton Supermarket – Gourmet.

You can register for the race by going to by completing the Google form and following the link to pay the registration fee.

A video can be watched here.

Facebook event you can see here.