Emilie Unternehr: I met some Moldovan friends and I really like them

Today, I want to present you an interview with Emilie Unternehr from France. She is a voluntary in Moldova for three months. Her impression about Moldova, food and place to visit you will find out if you will read the interview.

How did you decide to come to Moldova?

mI didn’t really plan it actually. I spent one year in Canada and I wanted to keep traveling and discover a new country. I knew about European Voluntary Service (EVS), I thought it would be nice to be a volunteer for one year and live abroad at the same time. EVS is only available in Europe but I didn’t want to go in a country too close to France, so Eastern Europe seemed to be a good idea, I had never been in this area before. That’s why I applied for EVS in Moldova.

Did you have any doubts before heading for Moldova ? And what was that ?

They weren’t really doubts, but I had some questions for sure. I was used to live in rich countries and everything has always been kind of easy for me, so I was wondering how life really was in a country like Moldova, where people are struggling with some problems that I have never known. Also, I was curious about life after USSR, I wondered if people were pro-Russia or not, what they thought about Soviet Union.

How long will you be in Chisinau ?

I’m supposed to stay for one year and I’ve been here since 3 months already.

You have some time since you are in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, which has attracted your attention in the city ?

The first thing that surprised me was the number of parcs and small forests in the city, I wasn’t expecting that and I loved it, especially during the summer, it’s nice to see some green. I visited lots of places in Chisinau, I like the Ethnographic Museum, especially for the traditonnal outfits that I love, I like spending some time in the parcs as I said before. Also, one of my Moldovan friends showed me the Chamomille tower, I love going there, on the balcony of the last floor and enjoying the view.

What do you think about the architecture of Chisinau?

Well, I don’t know anything about architecture but for sure, I recognize the Soviet architecture, which is not really nice. Everything is kind of gray, old, and gives the feeling that everyting is sad.

What impressions do you have of the life here ? What have you been doing since time ?

There are certains things I like, and certain things I don’t. The city is quite nice, thanks to the parcs, and it’s a small city so it’s easy to know it. I live in Ciocana and I really like this neibourghood cause it’s quiet and I have the parc on one side and the fields on the other. Transport is a real problem here, buses are always crowded and lots of them are old. The constant pollution is a real trouble for me too, the air we breathe is really bad and I can feel it.

As I said, I’m here since 3 months so I had the time to visit some places in Moldova but in Ukraine and Romania too. But when I’m not traveling I’m just enjoying life like I would do anywhere around the world : reading books, watching movies and tvshow, spending time with friends.

I’m sure you’ve time to make friends with people here. What do you think of the people here, customs and traditions of Moldova ?

Sure, I met some Moldovan friends and I really like them, I’ll miss them when I’ll come back to France. Like everywhere in the world, it depends of people, some are great, others are not. I could say that usually people are really nice and friendly here. Sometimes I have the feeling that people are unpolite but I guess it’s just that we have different cultures.

During your stay here, I’m sure you’ve informed yourself about culture, traditional food and places to see. What do you think about Moldova?

I sure love placinta and mamaliga ! The food here is great. As I said earlier, I love the traditionnal outfits, I love those colors and patterns.

What places in Moldova did you visit and what is your impressions ?

I visited several places : Orhei Vechi, Transnistria, Soroca and Asconi Winnery. I enjoyed all of these places, they were beautiful and interesting.

What do you think about Moldovan’s wines?

I don’t like wine so I’m not the right person to ask!

What traditional dishes have you eaten and liked?

As I said earlier, I love plăcintă cu cartofi or with brînză and mămăligă.

Plăcintă – national food of Moldova


Mămăliga – national food in Moldova

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